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NWS Elite Fastpitch Softball

NWS Elite 16U

NWS Elite 16U Roster - 2024 Season 

Krystle Gillette, Head Coach  413-265-6677
Danielle Circosta,
Assistant Coach
Mike Bonfitto,
Assistant Coach

#87 Alexis Adorno - 2, 3   (2026 - Minnechaug HS)
#24  Alayna Bailey  - CF, SS   (2026 - Hopkins Academy)
#5  Julia Bonfitto - P, SS, CF   (2027 - Pope Francis)
#1  Katie Bouchard - 2, OF   (2027 - Westfield HS)
#9  Amanda Bristol - P, MIF, OF   (2026 - Granby Memorial HS)
#2  Lily Ellia - C, OF   (2026 - Hopkins Academy)
#42  Chloe Fontaine - 1, OF   (2025 - Manchester HS)
#43  Lauren Garvey - 1, 2, SS   (2025 - Wilbraham Monson Academy)
#19  Livia Kelly - P, 1, OF   (2025 - Longmeadow HS)
#21  Sydney LaPanne - 3, SS   (2027 - Westfield HS)
#7  Kennedy Moore - OF, 2   (2026 - Enfield HS)
#12  Kali Riley - C, 3, OF   (2025 - Chicopee High School)
#13 Dalilah Wray - MIF, P   (2026 - MacDuffie School)

NWS Elite 16U

Our Team Goals and Approach for 2023-2024 Season ( Are we the program for you?)

Here at NWS we not only want to create strong, empowered athletes, but women as well. We want our players to make an impact both on and off the field, and we strive to provide the necessary tools to make that happen.

Our team will focus on continued improvement of fundamental skills while advancing overall softball IQ. Our hope with this program is to continue to develop players into stronger, more resilient athletes, while preparing to play at the next level. Our players can expect to be held to high standards. We expect our players to be accountable, focused, well-rounded, committed, and overall team players. 

Our tournament schedule will focus on high-level competition along with college showcases for exposure.

 Plans and Goals for this season:

  • Take only 11-12 players if possible to maximize playing time and attention.


  • Position Ratios - Each player will play a position or positions on a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio.  This means players will develop a main position skill set, but also have a secondary position to increase playing time options. If/when at all possible, this will match needs at their high school.


  • Competition at positions will determine player’s ratio and player’s playing time. Playing time and starting positions are never guaranteed, regardless of the club you are in. We believe healthy competition within the team will only make us better. Our athletes should show up ready to compete and continue to earn their spot. 
  • Growing within discomfort means players will learn that they can be uncomfortable and still succeed. It is important as athletes, and humans, to grow through our discomfort. We must be willing to push ourselves into that discomfort to come out stronger on the other side.


  • Parent involvement: Ideally, we would have a parent to help handle the financial books so that there is full transparency of where the money goes. Additional parents for fundraising and Game Changer, and social media people to help share our successes and development.

  • Meet kids where they are and where they want to go.  For those players that want to play beyond high school, we will increase our current ability to help you get recruited and help families navigate the process.  Field Level app, video productions and parent information nights will be a big part of how we can help. We can help develop a plan for each player of what they do well and what they need to work on. This includes not only physical skills, but leadership and how to be a good teammate. ( “How are they as a teammate?” Is always one of the first questions that college coaches ask us.) 

  • Measuring success - We do not believe a team’s overall record is the only way we measure success. Personal player growth and a love for the game is just as important.  If they don’t love the game and enjoy their teammates, then it becomes “work” to them. When they love to play, then they will want to put in the “work”.  That being said: we all love to win, because winning is a byproduct of hard work, preparation and desire. 

We understand there is a plethora of travel teams to choose from. If our goals or outlook don't match what you want for your child, then this may not the program for you, and that is okay. We will always encourage players and their families to find the right fit that is best for them.


NWS Elite 16U

NWS Elite 16U

The NWS Elite Fastpitch 16U Softball Teams purpose is to promote
and utilize the game of Fastpitch Softball to assist in the development of young women,
who will then be able to utilize the skills they have learned such as teamwork,
dedication and working towards their goals throughout their lives.

Being a travel team, players are expected to be dedicated and attend all practices and games.

Practices are held in the Fall from September through October
and then at an indoor facility from December through early-March.
Practices are held on Saturdays during the off-season and usually 
Tuesdays and Thursdays during the tournament season in
Agawam and/or Southwick.

Tournaments are held mid-June through early August.
Fall ball is September through October in East Hartford, CT.

Base cost is $1600 (cost will reflect tournament/ team decisions)
This includes bat bag, helmet, uniforms and tournament fees for fall, winter and summer.
Winter practice fee is $200.

We hold fundraisers to offset the costs as much as we can.

Payment can be made in full or broken down into the payments as follows:
1st payment of $400 - Due September 1
2nd payment of $400 - Due December 1
3rd payment of $400 - Due February 1
4th payment of $400 - Due April 1 

NWS can offer financial assistance to a player in need.
Please contact the Head Coach for more information.

We are always in need of sponsors as we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. 
We seek and receive donations, that allow us to keep the costs to our players as low as possible. 
It is with the help of our sponsors that we are able to continue offering our softball programs. 
Please review our sponsorship page and assist however you can. 
On behalf of the league, the players, volunteer coaches and board members, 
we thank you for your consideration.

We gladly accept donations to help us continue offering our softball programs. 
Contact Chris Chrisanthopoulos, NWS Elite President to make a donation. 
Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax advisor.