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NWS Recruiting Services

College Coaches:
Please click the link below to receive an invitation to our recruiting site. Meet the kids, watch their videos and view contacts.
Recruiting Site

NWS Recruiting Help for Players and Families:
The NWS program is looking to 
help players develop from U10 all the way up. We look to help players prepare and train for success, playing at a high level, for their individual high school teams. For some players, playing softball beyond high school into college is a true goal for them. We try to work with those families to help guide them through the process. We will do the obvious such as communicate with college coaches and offer participation in such events as showcase tournaments. We have also started to add video services as well working with a local company to provide a structured, affordable way to get your daughter noticed.   


Video: Sarah Ross

This is an example of the new skills video services that we are helping our players with..
Other videos on our youtube channel can be found here.  Videos